Pre Paid Card Services

GBS Prepaid Card Program is a smart and cost effective alternative to carrying cash and paying check cashing fees. Because it is a pre-funded card you only spend what money you load on it and the user can typically get it without a credit check or bank account. With a Prepaid Card, cardholders can make purchases and pay bills globally anywhere cards are accepted - including retail stores, online merchants and by phone. Cardholders can reload funds through numerous sources.

Prepaid card usage is expanding and acceptance is very expanding. As such, GBS offers products that are ideal for a wide range of consumer and business applications; from those that may not want, or do not qualify for, a traditional bank debit card, or credit card, to those that are budget-conscious or those who wish to be empowered with the purchasing capabilities associated with the cards. Prepaid cards are also ideal for business looking to improve internal processes and save time and money.

Key Benefits

  • Increased Card Usage
  • Increased Brand Awareness (Custom Program)
  • No Credit Check
  • No Interest
  • Loss & Theft Protection
  • Increased Revenue & Sale Size
  • Markets Previously "Unbanked" Customers
  • Build Customer Loyalty
  • Convenience for the Merchant/Business/ Cardholder
  • Produces Cash & Check Transaction Volume

For Employers (Control Expenses): Employers can issue cards to employees to monitor staff spending and control company expenses while monitoring everything with the online expense reporting tools.
Use when Travelling: It is much safer than carrying cash, and more convenient than travelers' checks.
Great for Parents: Parents can give an Impact Financial Prepaid Card to their children away at school.
Charities: Donate to your favorite charity every time you use your card.
Payroll: It's the ideal alternative to traditional payroll checks. 

Prepaid Program Management

We offer complete prepaid program management services for general purpose reloadable and payroll cards. Our prepaid cards carry the Visa® or MasterCard® brands. Card buyers choose how much value to load onto a card and cardholders can replenish value by direct depositing funds – including paychecks and government checks – and pay bills online, get cash at ATMs or use them anywhere debit cards are accepted, all without a credit check.
Prepaid program management services include card fulfillment, risk management controls and 24 x 7 cardholder service along with these additional features:

  • Cardholder enrollment and account setup
  • Card ordering – large or small – is fully supported and our solution provides you with the flexibility and capability to assist your every prepaid card need
  • Customized card design with your financial institution logo
  • Full service support for cardholders utilizing multiple technologies including mobile alerts
  • Web portals for convenient financial institution and cardholder access
  • Easy-to-use Web interface for card loading and web-based reporting of card activity, either standard or customized
  • Optional marketing support.