Gift Card and Loyalty Programs

With our gift card program, you can easily and affordably offer gift cards to your customers. Our solutions can help you drive traffic to your locations, increase sales, build your brand awareness and promote purchases of higher-margin products. 

The Challege:

Merchants would like to benefit from the popularity of gift cards, but they do not want to add complexity or significant costs to their businesses. 

The Solution:

The GBS Merchant-Branded Gift Card Program is an affordable, easy-to-use solution that enables you to offer your own store-branded gift cards to your customers. With optional bundles that include appealing card designs and promotional materials, online reporting through your merchant processing portal, and a welcome kit that includes proven marketing tips, success is built into the offering. Single- form enrollment, intuitive POS messaging and program start-up within weeks make the solution easy to implement and manage

Help Your Business

Gift cards represent a compelling opportunity for many businesses and can provide you with a number of potential benefits including:
  • Additional revenue upon redemption from recipients spending more than the value of the card
  • Higher-margin purchases by persons redeeming the card
  • Improved brand exposure
  • Reduced cash returns
  • Interest earned from outstanding balances
  • Easy online reporting
  • Increased security and better reporting compared to gift certificates

Help Your Customers:

  • Give a gift that they love-your brand
  • Spend more at your stores
  • Experience an added convenience at your locations


  • Reload functionality that can help you create loyal customers
  • Affordable program bundles that include cards, signs, displays and more
  • Ability to create your own custom card designs or select from a large number of standard designs
  • Reporting that is available online, on your merchant processing statement or through your terminal's receipt 
  • paper, making it easy to have information available when you need it
  • Welcome kit that includes a merchant guide with proven marketing tips for implementing a successful gift 
  • card program

Loyalty Programs

The best way to reward your best customers and actually profit from it is by implementing a customer loyalty program. Typically, a loyalty program consists of offering memberships to your customers that allow them to collect a currency that rewards them for their loyalty. The currency accumulates with each transaction, per your business intelligence rules. Your customers can then exchange the currency for rewards that are typically available by selecting from items in a catalogue. Once a customer becomes a member, you can track his/her purchases (what, when, where & how much) over time, which will allow you develop personalized, meaningful, profitable promotional offers to encourage that customer to spend more, more often. Well-planned and well-managed loyalty programs are proven relationship marketing tools that will increase revenues and your bottom line by 30% or more!

Typical objectives of a loyalty program:
Increase revenues, turnover and profit

  • Customer retention - establish long-term relationships
  • Customer acquisition
  • Customer upgrading
  • Customer win-back
  • Customer advocacy
  • Increase customer frequency
  • Increase customer lifetime value
  • Reduce mark-downs

Cost Reduction:

  • Reduce advertising costs
  • Intelligent deselection - eliminate unprofitable customers
  • Best customer marketing

Planning & Strategy:

  •      Intelligent response to competition
  •      Improve product awareness
  •      Measure customer service
  •      Direction when formulating pricing structures
  •      Build solid relationships
  •      Determine choice of inventory
  •      Merchandising - combine products/services bought at the same time
  •      Select new store locations
GBS's turnkey loyalty programs are much more than standard, run-of-the-mill loyalty programs. Thanks to our innovative rules-based technology, our programs are completely flexible. Even better, they are easy to use for cardholders, front-line staff and program administrators, which make them easier for you to implement and maintain. But best of all, with a GBS solution, you will get to know your customers and offer them personalized promotions and incentives on their receipts at the point of sale! Our technology is a one-to-one relationship marketing solution that will give you a competitive advantage! Furthermore, our real-time reporting and data mining capabilities convert your raw data into powerful information that will lead increased sales and profitability.